Office Space Plans and Pricing

The Satellite has memberships and office space for lease plans to fit the way you like to work. Do you want a full time office? Or a place to drop into occasionally? Are you a regular telecommuter, needing a workstation a couple of days a week? Or a consultant wanting to meet clients by the hour in a professional space? We’ve got plans for all of it. And any plan can have mail address and service, phone and service, or any of the other services we offer. Visit a Satellite in your neighborhood, send us an email or give us a call at 408.675.9600 to check it out in person.

Access Plan | $99 / year

24/7 a la carte access to all Satellite spaces and services: private offices, cubicles, café space and conference rooms. No monthly commitment. Pay only for what you use, at a reduced member rate. Includes Satellite Access Card.

Café Plans | From $255 – $490 / month

Use of drop-in café workspace on Working Hours or Unlimited 24/7 plans. Electrical outlets at each workspace, WiFi broadband Internet, comfortable chairs and free coffee. Includes Satellite Access Card for conference room use at additional charge. Dedicated Desk plans also available.

Workstation Plans | From $300 – $695 / month

Plans are designed for 24/7 access. Includes personal cubicle space with locking storage and file cabinet, electrical outlets, hardwired high-speed broadband Internet connection, ergonomic seating, WiFi and free coffee. Conference room, private office and phone cube time included in all memberships. Optional desk phone.

Private Office Plans | From $1210 – $4,200 / month

Plans are designed for 24/7 access. Includes locking sound-resistant private office, storage and file cabinet, hardwired and WiFi broadband Internet, ergonomic workspace. Conference room time included in all memberships. Optional desk phone.

Bucket of Hours Plans | From $260 – $460

The conference room and event space are all available on “Bucket of Hours” Plans. Purchase 10 hours or days in advance and use them any time you want, 24/7. Hours expire 18 months after purchase. Your bucket is automatically “refilled” when it’s empty.

Virtual Office Plans | From $35 – $105+ / month

Need a professional address for your business? Satellite has a range of Virtual Office Plans from Business Presence (mail address, Google Maps location, package, FedEx and UPS service) to Virtual Phone (business line with find me/follow me, directory, voice mail to email, call forwarding and optional live answering.

Walk in

Stop by and use The Satellite during regular business hours. All workspaces and conference rooms, printing and other services are available to the general public on a space available basis.

Complete membership and price list.