Startup Poker 2.0

March 15th, 2018
The Space – The Satellite Sunnyvale

Startup Poker 2.0 is the flagship event of Startup Haven, a community-driven organization dedicated to connecting tech entrepreneurs with information, opportunities and each other.

The format of Startup Poker 2.0 is a monthly Founders Dinner and fun, low-stakes poker tournament. The event supports the startup community by bringing them together in a relaxed and fun atmosphere where the free flow of ideas, beer and trash talk are encouraged. Participants include founders and execs from more than 900 startup and early stage tech companies in Seattle, Portland, San Diego and San Francisco, with Los Angeles under development.

Wanna get on the invite list?

Startup Poker 2.0 is exclusively for startup founders, execs and investors. If you are unsure whether you’re qualified for the list, here’s a page that should answer all your questions:

If you’re confident you’re in the right place, then you can go directly to the simple Poker 2.0 application form through: